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Omega girl and the mysterious spirit

For today’s awesome and sexy update we have somewhat of a special treat for you. In this comic as you can see you will be dealing with some super powered hotties and they aim to spend every minute taking care of one another’s pussies as you get to see them. They are a very sexy and horny spirit that’s out to have some fun with a unsuspecting victim, and a spirit talker that will serve as the heroine. Her role today is to try and calm the said spirit down and get her to make peace with herself. Well you will see that the cartoonsex ghost has other plans.


The scene starts with our would be heroine as she gets into the spot where the sightings of this ghost have been. And when she arrives, the sexy ghost lady doesn’t fail to show up. Even though a bit surprised that this time she stumbled upon someone that can actually see her, she wasn’t going to let the spirit talker just go away without anything. So before she could know it the heroine was having her sexy pussy fisted by the horny spirit. And you bet that she enjoyed the treatment as well. Let’s hope we’ll have more of them for you in the future! if you liked this scene check out blog and have fun watching other great cartoon sex picture galleries!

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