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Today we have a rather special update to show off everyone. In this fine week’s cartoon sex gallery update, we have to show off this latest scene. For this one you get to see one super hot and well known lady from a super popular fighting game as she gets her holes thoroughly fucked by a guy today. She’s none other than Mai Shiranui and she seems to have gotten herself in quite a pinch this time. Her fighting style revolves around her  flaunting her shapes to distract her enemies as she beats the snot out of them every time.


Well at weird as it may seem, that actually works with her technique as she also looks super hot, packing a nice and big pair of breasts along with a perfect round ass and eager pussy. And since her outfit is composed of some very revealing clothes, she can literally use that in her advantage beating guys since they usually stare at her boobs. Well today she bit off more than she could chew as this guy has allot of concentration. And Mai couldn’t beat him this time so she had to offer up her pussy. Watch her as she rides that cock hard just for your viewing pleasure guys!

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